Live Hermit Crab Kit with 2 Live Purple Pinchers

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Hermit Crab Starter Kit With 2 Live Crabs Shipped with Kit

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Hermit Crab Starter Kit With Certificate

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Hermit Crab Habitat After Set Up

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Hermit Crab Habitat After Set Up (With Background)

Live Hermit Crab Kit with 2 Live Purple Pinchers

  • Complete kit – includes everything you need. Watch your LIVE pet Hermit Crabs play on a sandy beach all day!
  • A wonderful way to teach children the responsibilities and fun of owning a pet. Have fun learning about hermit crabs as you create their habitat and take care of them. This is great for kids of all ages; plus classrooms, science classes, offices and homes.
  • Our kit is 2 gallons. The habitat is a safe and healthy home for the Hermit Crabs shipped directly to your home. Lids are an assortment of bright colors.
  • Our Crabs shells are very pretty – they have been cleaned and polished.
  • Everything you need is included. Contains: habitat, LIVE Crabs, coconut fiber, food, extra shell, sponge with clamshell for water, clamshell food dish, choia wood for climbing, plastic palm tree, plastic plant, water mister, water treatment solution and easy instructions.
  • LIVE arrival guaranteed. Please do not order if below 40 degrees or above 85 degrees. Our live arrival guaranty will be void if ordered during these temperatures.
Recommended for ages 4 years and up, with adult supervision
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 years


Kit With 2 LIVE Hermit Crabs SENT NOW
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