How To Make A Butterfly Cage For Your Adult Butterflies

How To Make A Butterfly Cage For Your Adult Butterflies

Did you buy a caterpillar refill and need to make a cage for the adults?

We have some easy solutions for you!

The caterpillars will grow for 5 to 10 days after you get them so you do have time to make a nice cage for them so you can observe them before letting them go.

You move the butterflies into your cage while they are chrysalis, so they hatch already inside the cage.

There are lots of things you can use for a butterfly cage.

Here are some great ideas:

  • a big mason jar with a couple holes poked in the lid
  • a water pitcher with a paper towel over the top held on with a rubber band
  • an old aquarium
  • Tupperware with plastic wrap over the top held on with string
  • a shoe box or other cardboard box.

If you are using a glass or plastic container make sure you make a cover for it that lets some air in. Cheesecloth and wire screen work well. Saran wrap or a paper towel will work so long as a few holes are added. You can secure it with a rubber band around the top or even tape or string.

If you are using a cardboard box you will want to make a window in it so you can see your butterflies! Clear plastic wrap is good for this. Select the largest open end of the box and tape plastic wrap over it. Cut a flap in a side wall so you can add the chrysalis inside later. Cardboard boxes are not air tight so you do not need to add holes.