How to Assemble Your Crafty Butterfly Box. VIDEO BELOW if you want to watch a video

  • Lay the box flat and fold each panel over one at a time and then back flat again. Take extra care when folding the front of the lid (it is a good idea to use two hands when folding that part).
  • Pop the nicks (the little connected piece of paperboard) on the two side panels.
  • Fold up one of the panels on the side (the ones with the long slot) and then fold up one of the panels with the hooks so the hooked panel is folded outside and around the side panel.
  • Using your fingers, guide the hook through the “angry eyebrow” little slit on the side. Do this on all four corners making sure the hook part of the little claw is all the way through the slot.
  • Start to close the lid and guide the wings into the long slot of each side panel so when you close the lid, the wing goes inside of the slot on the side of the box.
  • Turn the front of the box towards you and with the lid partly open, guide the edge of the frog eyeball-looking round tabs into the slots in the front panel.
  • Once you have the front tabs and side wings of the lids in their slots you can close the lid all of the way.